Data Automation for Cultivators, Processors, Transporters & Dispensaries.

Handheld-based Systems to manage Plants, Packages, Products & Manifest.

  • Proven ROI: Cut time & labor by 50-80%
  • Plug & Play Solutions- Up and Running in 24-48 hrs.
  • API’s to State Compliance & leading Cultivation, POS & ERP Systems
  • METRC Platinum Partner: The Premier RFID Integrator
  • Nationwide Reach: Over 1,000+ systems deployed Coast-to-Coast

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Outlaw automation systems

Outlaw Solutions



Plug-and-play touchless solution that speeds up your harvest & reporting by 50 to 80%. Connects directly to your existing scale* (scans plant tags via RFID or Barcode).


Portable RFID/Barcode scanner that reads RFID plant tags up to 15+ feet away. Tracks & reports plant moves, kills, and conducts audits in minutes instead of hours. Cuts Audit times & labor by over 80%!

RFID Readers


Available separately or as an add-on module to the Desperado Plant Management Handheld, our custom Package Application enables  package tracking/audits, RFID Seek-and-Find, moves, splits, merges, & adjustments in METRC. (Reduce audits 50% or more in Time & Labor)

Maverick Dispensary System


Revolutionize your inventory process by automating counts using your existing package/SKU IDs via Count Mode, achieve blazing speed via Scan Mode with Outlaw-provided RFID labels, or use a combination of both. (Cut Audit’s by 65% or more in terms of time & labor)



Hosted on AWS, Outlink offers bi-directional API integration with Metrc, Dutchie, and Biotrack. Access it from anywhere to view and upload all data and reports collected by Outlaw systems.


Cut the time for Transfer Manifest Validation by 50 to 80% for inbound, outbound, and in-transit shipments. Enhance accuracy, streamline processes, boost productivity, and free up your team for other tasks.

What We Do
We save you time, money, and labor by providing the most trusted and fastest cannabis data capture systems. We eliminate manual counts, data entry, and pen and paper. Our systems have been specifically designed for and with the cannabis industry. With Outlaw’s cannabis management solutions- cultivators, manufacturers, transporters, dispensaries, and distributors stay ahead of the competition by reducing labor costs and improving efficiency and accuracy.

Optimize Your Cannabis Supply Chain with Outlaw Technology

Enhance your operational efficiency and compliance with Outlaw Technology’s best-in-class tracking and compliance solutions. Our cutting-edge systems integrate key data points into a single platform, allowing you to streamline processes and make informed decisions at every stage of the supply chain.

Driving Efficiency and Compliance

Outlaw Technology transforms cannabis inventory management by integrating with POS systems like Dutchie and Treez. We collaborate with industry leaders such as Dutchie, Canix, and Distru to manage plants and packages effectively. Our solutions are designed for cultivators, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers to reduce labor costs, boost productivity, and ensure regulatory compliance across all operations. In both Metrc, Biotrack and other state systems.

cannabis inventory management
How We Work
  • RFID-Enabled Cultivation Management: Optimize grow operations with real-time visibility of all plants.
  • Streamlined Manufacturing Workflows: Automate seed-to-sale processes to enhance efficiency and control quality.
  • Results-Driven Seed-to-Sale Add-On Software: Ensure regulatory compliance and streamline warehousing and distribution management.
  • Seamless Retail Operations: Patent pending integration of RFID tagging at the item level for a cohesive retail experience, ensuring accurate inventory management and compliance.
Why Choose Outlaw Technology?

Outlaw Technology is your go-to for a seamless, user-friendly cannabis tracking and compliance system. Our adaptable workflows and efficient data integration capabilities streamline your operations, making compliance easy and reducing labor costs. With thousands of users nationwide and over 35 years of expertise in RFID and barcode technology, our robust systems provide valuable insights to optimize your business performance and profitability.

Transform your cannabis supply chain with Outlaw Technology’s comprehensive suite of solutions. Schedule a DEMO today to discover how our technology can propel your business toward greater efficiency and compliance.


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OG Harvest System – in use Video Thumbnail
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OG Harvest System – in use

A video of the OG Harvest system in use
Desperado Intro Video Thumbnail
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Desperado Intro

Plant and Package management made easy
OG Harvest System used with a hanging scale - Video Thumbnail
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OG Harvest System used with a hanging scale

This is a demonstration of plants being harvested with the OG Harvest System and a hanging type scale

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Frequently Asked Questions

Outlaw Technology offers handheld-based RFID and barcode software solutions tailored specifically for the cannabis industry. Our systems revolutionize data capture and reporting across all stages—from cultivation to processing and dispensary operations. With seamless API integrations with METRC and leading POS/ERP systems, we ensure direct connectivity and real-time data synchronization.

Our solutions enhance operational efficiency and compliance. By employing RFID-enabled cultivation management, streamlined manufacturing workflows, and results-driven seed-to-sale software, cannabis operators can reduce labor costs, improve productivity, and ensure full regulatory adherence. This comprehensive approach optimizes inventory management and operational processes, driving profitability and scalability.

Yes, Outlaw Technology caters to cannabis businesses of all sizes, from small-scale operations to large enterprises. Our plug-and-play solutions are designed for instant deployment without onsite requirements, making them accessible and scalable for businesses nationwide. With over 52 years of RFID and barcode expertise, we offer customized solutions to meet each client’s needs and growth objectives.

Outlaw Technology has a proven track record of delivering significant ROI to cannabis businesses. Our solutions have demonstrated time and labor reductions ranging from 50% to 80%, backed by hundreds of successful case studies nationwide. By optimizing operational processes and enhancing data visibility through our advanced tracking and reporting tools, clients achieve operational efficiencies that translate directly into cost savings and improved profitability.

Getting started with Outlaw Technology is simple. Visit our website at Outlaw Technology to learn more about our solutions and schedule a DEMO. Our team will work with you to assess your business needs, demonstrate our capabilities, and provide personalized recommendations to optimize your cannabis supply chain. Join industry leaders who trust Outlaw Technology for comprehensive, compliant, and efficient cannabis inventory management solutions.