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  • Automate Harvest Data Capture & Inventory Management

  • State Compliance Updates Made Easy

  • System to Eliminate "Pen and Paper"

OG Harvest System

Automating Harvest Data Entry

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Use your current scale!

Outlaw has developed a plug-and-play solution that directly connects your existing* scale to the OG application. When you purchase the OG Scale System you will get a touchscreen display, monitor stand, a USB RFiD scanner, and the cables necessary to integrate with your scale. The RFiD scanner allows the METRC plant tag to be scanned in a matter of one or two seconds, as opposed to manually typing or writing the METRC plant ID. The direct USB link to the scale also captures the exact weight instantaneously instead of manually recording the weight on the scale's display. Both of these features save significant amounts of time and also eliminate human error in typing or writing data (or reading hand-written data).

This system eliminates several key challenges:

  • OG Harvest system saves 30 seconds per plant vs. manual data capture
  • System automates input into METRC eliminating manual entry
  • Weight accuracy on METRC System is 100%, eliminating errors in data entry*
  • Increases plant processing and throughput by cutting out the wasted time in manual collection and input of data
  • OG is currently integrated into OHAUS and A & D Scale model(s)- additional scales can be added
  • Datasheet Overview / Return on Investment (ROI) Calculator

*assumes scale has computer interface and is accurate and calibrated

Desperado Plant Management System

Inventory and Plant Management

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The Desperado Handheld System is a portable, battery powered, RFiD scanner capable of reading METRC plant tags from 15+ feet away. Our software will gather location (room)/plant data from METRC (once you provide us with your API key). With this data the app can provide a list of every plant in a location, according to METRC, and you can validate this by scanning that location with the RFiD scanner. The app will report any missing/extra plants or (hopefully) that all plants are accounted for with no extras. This validation feature has been shown to reduce internal audit time from hours to minutes. All of this data (and data from other features) can be uploaded to the cloud based web console for review, revision, saving, or uploading to METRC. The Desperado also offers many other useful features:

  • Desperado customers are averaging 50+ plant reads per minute
  • Destroy Plants - Set a destroy reason and use the device's barcode scanner to scan plants one at a time to be destroyed
  • Move Plants - Choose a room from a dropdown list and scan one or many plants to move them
  • Change Growth phase - Choose a growth phase and scan the METRC plant tag to change the growth phase (this feature is combined with Move Plants)
  • Seek and Find - Add a plant ID to the "Search List" and use the devices powerful RFiD scanner to locate the missing plant
  • Package Inventory - The device currently does NOT have access to package data, however using the Inventory feature it can still scan the package RFiD tags and produce a report of what was scanned
  • Datasheet Overview / Return on Investment (ROI) Calculator

Desperado Package Management System

Track, Inventory, and Manage All metrc tagged packages

Desperado Transfer Manifest System

Manage your Outbound and Inbound Transfer Manifest Process

Utilizing the OG Scale system from Outlaw Technology has saved over 30 seconds per plant in harvest, we have eliminated the need for manual data capture.


Green Leaf Medical

By automating the data capture, we are now able to review and ensure an accurate harvest prior to METRC upload. What took us hours of manual entry of each plant into the Maryland Seed-to-Sale system is updated in seconds.

Meagan-Compliance Officer

Green Leaf Medical

The Desperado Handheld has proven an excellent resource to the ForwardGro Inventory Process. The ability to complete the inventory, sort out the deltas, and upload the report for Regulatory Compliance is invaluable and provides a great amount of confidence for Regulatory Audits.

Compliance Officer


ForwardGro's greenhouse has the ability to harvest a substantial number of plants in a given cycle. The OG Scale system has allowed our team to complete these high volume harvests with just two scales in one day's work. Streamlining our Harvest process with minimal to no human entry has cut down on errors in Metrc and increased our productivity.

Harvest Manager