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Back in 2001, our founder, David Eagleson, introduced and sold RFID hardware to Franwell – the parent company of Metrc – which precipitated Metrc’s decision to mandate RFID as an integral part of its compliance system.

As most in the cannabis industry know, Metrc supplies RFID hardware to state agencies, but not to licensees. The state agencies had the RFID tools to track the  RFID tags, but the licensees who pay for the tags did not! However, in 2018, at the behest of the Metrc CEO, Jeff Wells, Outlaw was formed to provide RFID solutions to the industry. The current Outlaw Desperado RFID handheld is the same handheld unit Metrc provides to the State auditors  (albeit with different software).  This common platform, years of RFID expertise, and the fact that all of our systems were designed with growers, processors, and dispensaries are what set Outlaw apart from any other provider.

Outlaw’s systems are now deployed at cultivation facilities, manufacturers, and dispensaries coast to coast, automating the tracking, data capture, and upload of Plant, Package, and Product data.

Our mission is to save you time, money and labor by leveraging the power of RFID so you can do more with less.


OG Harvest System – in use Video Thumbnail
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OG Harvest System – in use

A video of the OG Harvest system in use
Desperado Intro Video Thumbnail
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Desperado Intro

Plant and Package management made easy
OG Harvest System used with a hanging scale - Video Thumbnail
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OG Harvest System used with a hanging scale

This is a demonstration of plants being harvested with the OG Harvest System and a hanging type scale
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