Automate & Leverage Compliance Data Capture to Build a Sustainable Cannabis Business


The world is focused on sustainability like never before – we regularly hear about new initiatives to cut emissions, develop renewable energy infrastructure, conserve existing resources, and reduce our carbon footprint. Sustainability is no longer simply a personal choice or something good for your corporate image, it is vital to your bottom line and ultimately for the growth and survival of your brand.

So how can you grow, process, distribute, and operate more efficiently while expending fewer resources?

The answer lies within the vast amounts of data already being collected and reported throughout the industry, including by your own company. State regulations require that every licensee track, collect, and report data on every plant from Seed-to-Sale. This compliance data you’re already collecting for the state – from cultivation, processing, manufacturing, distribution, to sale – is a gold mine of accurate and actionable information.

Compliance, inventory, and point of sale data are all key data points within the supply chain. With this and other data, Seed-to-Sale software systems help provide cannabis companies with an acute understanding of past performance vs. current performance, helping them determine if they are reaching benchmarks towards becoming a more sustainable company. Instead of guessing, the data helps companies make informed decisions on everything from what to grow and when to harvest to how to price.

But here is the catch: You have to first feed these software systems with huge amounts of data.

And how does this all-important data typically get into these software engines? Through time consuming, error-prone, tedious manual entry.

This is where automation can be your miracle cure.

METRC, the leading state Seed-to-Sale compliance system, understood the value of accelerating data capture by automating inventory tracking, which is why their system uses RFID tags for both plants and packages. State auditors can quickly and accurately assess inventories vs. licenses to monitor compliance.

For cannabis businesses, automation of compliance data capture ensures accuracy and results in instant labor and time savings. Harvest times are cut in half or more and inventories take minutes instead of hours.

The key is to capture the data accurately and efficiently. The right data capture system leverages the power of technologies like RFID tags and even barcodes so your team can simply scan items while the system captures and enters the data. No more typing, no more spreadsheets, pivot tables or CSV files…no more pen and paper!

Remember, the data is the gold, the Seed-to-Sale software is merely the mine. You can choose to shovel your way, rock by rock, or you can automate the extraction with technology.

Are your systems fully automated and linked to dashboards providing real-time insight? This is a crucial step towards meeting sustainability goals. Employ tools that can help to model future sustainability landscapes while helping to understand the complicated ESG (environmental, social and governance) factors at hand.

Building a sustainable brand is not just the way of the future, it is the way of today. The cannabis industry remains in its infancy but has an obligation to adopt the latest technology and tools to make this space the greenest possible. This is only possible with relevant, valid, and timely data. Without accurate data, you’d only be guessing what improvements should be made. Even worse, changes you make without access to precise data could cause more harm than good.

Outlaw Technology understands this core requirement for data. Our systems automate and drive data capture with unparalleled efficiency and accuracy. They also drive sustainability by reducing labor and cost, generating an ROI within the first month of use.

Outlaw is the industry leader in RFID/Barcode data capture solutions. Our plug-and-play systems for harvest and plant/package management automate data capture with a direct connection to leading state seed-to-sale systems and ERPs. We effectively eliminate pen and paper, manual data entry, and human error.