Cannabis Data Automation = Efficiency = Success


Over the past few decades, the world has become data-driven. Almost everything we do is somehow related to the capture, assessment, and management of data. Everything is tracked, data is collected, and companies – think Google, Facebook, Amazon – run on data input. These inputs become actions, and these actions become results.

The same is true across every industry. Retail led the way and took off with the creation of the barcode as a means to price, capture, and count items stocked and sold by merely scanning lines on a piece of paper.

The cannabis industry is no exception. Compliance, inventory, and point of sale data are all key data points within the supply chain.

So why is it so critical to capture accurate data?

First, the entire business runs on data – sales vs. cost, expense vs. profit, supply vs. demand – it all comes down to making the right decision on what to grow, when to harvest, what is harvested, and monitoring sales.

At Outlaw Technology, we focus on the key points of data in the seed-to-sale supply chain. Our tools automate the efficient capture of that data and eliminate manual recording, manual input, human error, and reduce time and labor by 50 to 80%.

METRC understood the value of accelerating data capture by automating inventory tracking, which is why their system uses RFID tags for both plants and packages. State auditors can quickly assess inventories vs. licenses to manage compliance. Outlaw leverages these same tags so that you, the licensee, can automate inventory, harvest, transfer, and packages.

Take what you already own and put it to use, we can help.