From Hemp to High-quality Cannabis: A CEO’s Journey with Naturae’s Nicolas Guarino

Nicolas Guarino

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From Hemp to High-Quality CPG

Naturae’s journey from hemp-based CBD oils to exclusive oil-based CPG is one heck of a pivot story. Nick Guarino spills the beans on how plummeting CBD oil prices forced Naturae to change gears fast. They ditched the usual smokable flower products and focused on extracting oils that give vapers the same buzz as flower smokers. It’s all about finding their niche in a crowded market.

The Imperative of Good Manufacturing Practice

GMP certification isn’t just a badge for Naturae; it’s a game-changer. Guarino breaks down why it’s more than just a quality stamp—it’s about keeping every process tight and tidy. This certification could land Naturae’s products right next to your regular pharmacy meds, proving they’re as legit as they come.

Navigating New York’s Complex Cannabis Market

New York’s cannabis market is like a rollercoaster ride, and Naturae’s right in the middle of it. Guarino gives us the lowdown on the ups and downs, from funding struggles to the blurry line between legal and sketchy products. But there’s hope; recent moves from the Office of Cannabis Management might just turn the tide.

Branding and Market Positioning: Rezinators and Jaunty

Ever wondered how Naturae’s ‘Rezinators’ and ‘Jaunty’ brands came to be? Guarino spills the beans on the creative process. ‘Rezinators’ brings the artisanal vibes, focusing on top-notch oil products, while ‘Jaunty’ keeps it real with everyday oil-based goods. It’s a balancing act between innovation and what the market craves.

In a nutshell, Naturae isn’t just about making a buck in the cannabis game—it’s about doing it right. From quality control to clever branding, they’re paving the way for a greener, more regulated future. So, kick back, grab some live resin (if that’s your thing), and join the ride as Naturae blazes the trail in New York’s cannabis market! 🌿 #Naturae #CannabisMarket #QualityOverQuantity

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