Harvest Data is “Gold” – IF You are Able to Capture it Effectively

Harvest Data is Gold

Want to know exactly what you need to plant now in order to meet your customers’ needs at harvest?

It all starts with capturing data…the more data/information you have, the better decisions you can make.

Companies spend huge amounts on software systems that claim to do everything under the sun. But there is a catch: you have to feed these systems with huge amounts of data.

So how does this all-important data typically get into these software engines? You guessed it: time consuming, error-prone, tedious manual entry.

This is where automation can be your miracle cure. Our systems leverage the power of technologies like RFID tags and even barcodes so your team can simply scan items and let our system capture and enter the data.

No more typing, no more spreadsheets, pivot tables or CSV files…no more pen and paper! Just scan, upload, and go.

Remember: the data is the gold, the software is merely the mine. You can choose to shovel your way, rock by rock, or you can automate the digging with technology.

Your choice – the hard way or the Outlaw way.

We can quickly automate your data collection so your expensive software runs the way it is supposed to.