Self-Audits Provide Peace of Mind

Cannabis Compliance Audit

Concerned that the state cannabis compliance commission may stop by unannounced? You don’t need to worry if you’re prepared.

So, how can you be prepared?

First, you need a system that pulls down data from your state compliance system, since this is what you are being judged against in an audit. Once you have that data, you need to check that everything matches up.

You could get out the old clipboard, print the list of plant tag IDs, and start counting: 1 tag, 2 tags, 3 tags….

Or you could use technology to leverage those tags, reducing

a process that takes hours or days down to only a few minutes.

“How,” you ask? Radio Frequency Identification (RFID).

With the right RFID handheld, you can leverage those RFID tags and accurately scan a room with hundreds or even thousands of tagged plants in minutes. A properly configured system like Outlaw’s Desperado Handheld will check off your list of plants based on your d

As the compliance officer, you can rest assured that should the state pop in unannounced, you can confidently walk them through your facility knowing you have everything accurately documented.

Be proactive, not reactive in how you prepare. The right system makes this a reality.

Contact Outlaw and we’ll make sure you don’t have to worry about a state audit again.