The All-Important Compliance – It Doesn’t Have to be Difficult

Cannabis Compliance

Just this summer, three cannabis operations in Massachusetts were fined over $800k.

These kinds of enforcement actions remind us that the value of a cannabis operation is directly tied to its license. If you lose that license, the value of your business can disappear overnight. This reality creates a level of stress beyond product and sales that drives licensees to ensure everyday compliance.

For this reason, cannabis operations created the key position of compliance officer, whose role is to ensure that all required data is entered into state compliance systems and SOPs are followed each and every day.

The biggest risk in this process is relying solely on manual input, which is subject to constantly changing resources and rife with human error. The labor and risk involved in this manual method can be eliminated with the proper systems and automation.

By taking the time to map out how best to layer in technology and automation, you can create a system of checks and balances that put compliance on auto-pilot.

Outlaw Technology has the resources and systems that will allow you to divert labor resources to other areas of your operation and business.