What Does Seed-to-Sale Mean in the Cannabis Industry?

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Every journey has its beginning. For cannabis, it all starts months before it lands in the hands of those who enjoy it. The process from seed-to-sale is well-guarded, and it’s similar to tracking a marijuana plant’s life cycle from the time it sprouts in the ground to the finished product, which is carefully packaged and ready for consumers. But what exactly goes on during this journey? 

Seed-to-sale tracking is like a safety net, especially in case of a contaminated product or theft. It’s a way for business owners to spot any hiccups and prove they follow all the rules. Growers and business owners document each harvest and test their products meticulously. Every little bit of flower, from edibles to tinctures, is part of a batch that gets its unique RFID tag. As the product goes through the production and retail journey, that tag creates a “license plate” or unique ID used to direct database updates relative to location, status and other key variables are captured at every step.

Let’s examine cannabis tracking solutions and the entire seed-to-sale process in more detail.

The Role of Seed-to-Sale Technology

State marijuana program authorities employ “seed-to-sale software”, such as METRC, to monitor marijuana growing, distribution, and readiness for human consumption. This program serves as an automated mechanism for managing inventories. This advanced software guarantees smooth compliance with rules by creating the required reports for submission to the government or sending data in real-time to state compliance systems. Manufacturers can effectively track inventory, streamline production management, and uphold legal compliance standards by leveraging seed-to-sale software.

Understanding Seed-to-Sale Cycle

The seed-to-sale cycle refers to all aspects of a plant product’s life cycle, starting with seed sowing and ending with sale.

      • Seed & Grow: Like any other plant-based product, every cannabis product starts its journey from a seed, cutting, or clone. This stage involves nurturing and managing plants through various growth phases, from immature to vegetative and flowering. Traceability provides a thorough understanding of each plant’s growth, including information on pesticide use, growing methods, and watering regimens.

      • Harvesting: Post-harvest activities such as reporting weights and disposing of plant waste are also part of this phase. To automate this process, from a manual capture and update, the OG Harvest system creates a touchless process.

      • Processing: This stage involves preparing the plant matter for sale and consumption, including extraction, conversion, packaging, and laboratory testing.

      • Fulfillment: procedures include transportation, delivery, storage, and transfers of cannabis items. Workflows often involve generating manifests, maintaining account records, and managing “last-mile” deliveries.

      • Distribution: The ultimate destination of the product is the consumer. With complete visibility across the entire supply chain, consumers can make informed decisions, ensuring safer and more transparent sales and consumption experiences.

      • Sales: Under regulatory constraints, only authorized shops and dispensaries can sell directly to customers in most legal markets. Consequently, business-to-business (B2B) transactions involving cannabis farmers, processors, and distributors are primarily conducted with other licensed enterprises.

    Why Seed-to-Sale Tracking Matters?

    Integrating cannabis tracking solutions in your cannabis business provides numerous advantages for both manufacturers and growers.

        • Ensuring Product Safety and Reliability: Seed and after-sales care procedures continuously monitor the time cannabis items are in the store and adhere to strict quality standards. As a result, the items people buy and use are more reliable and secure.

        • Compliance with Rules and Regulations: Marijuana producers must obey the rules and regulations to avoid penalties and protect their company’s reputation. They can accomplish this by adhering to local, state, and federal rules and monitoring every stage of the process, from seed production to product sales.

        • Upholding Consumer Trust: Seed-to-Sale surveillance provides transparency in the manufacture, distribution, and processing of marijuana products, giving consumers confidence in the legality and confidence of their purchases.

        • Preventing Black Market Diversion: Robust Seed-to- Sale policies help curb illegal activities by controlling the movement of cannabis products from cultivation to sale, reducing the chances of diverting them to the black market.

        • Providing Valuable Data for Business Decisions: Seed-to-Sales tracking offers valuable insights and data analytics that enable marijuana businesses to make informed decisions, optimize operations, and drive growth in a rapidly evolving market environment.

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      Seeding in cannabis refers to the process of planting cannabis seeds or propagating clones to initiate the growth of cannabis plants.

      Seed-to-sale benefits consumers by ensuring transparency and accountability throughout the cannabis supply chain. This includes tracking the cultivation, processing, and distribution of cannabis products and providing consumers with assurance regarding product quality, safety, and authenticity.

      Seed-to-sale tracking utilizes various technologies such as barcode scanners, RFID tags, seed-to-sale tracking systems, METRC like tag scanners, and specialized software systems. These technologies enable accurate recording and monitoring of cannabis products from cultivation to sale, facilitating compliance with regulatory requirements and ensuring product traceability.

      Seed-to-sale tracking isn’t always required in every cannabis market, but it’s a standard rule in many places where cannabis is legal. This system helps governments monitor the cannabis industry, ensuring everything’s above board. It also helps prevent cannabis from ending up on the black market and ensures that consumers are getting safe products.

      Regulatory requirements for seed-to-sale tracking vary by jurisdiction. They typically involve recording and reporting cultivation activities, product testing, inventory management, and sales transactions to regulatory agencies. Compliance ensures integrity and accountability in the cannabis industry while prioritizing public health and safety.