OG Harvest System

OG Harvest is a plug-and-play solution that connects directly to your existing scale* and scans plant tags via RFID or Barcode. All necessary hardware is included with your software solution subscription.

The scanner reads the plant tag with 100% accuracy in a fraction of a second and the direct connection to the scale captures the exact weight instantaneously, with no manual typing or pen and paper required! Once done with a harvest batch, upload to the Outlink Web Console to review and upload directly to Metrc or Dutchie/LeafLogix.

Saves time, money, and labor while increasing efficiency and accuracy!

*Supported communication port required.

Integrate your existing scale- with Metrc, Dutchie/LeafLogix, and more!

  • Saves 30-60 seconds per plant vs. manual data capture
  • Eliminates manual data collection- compliance system/ERP automation
  • Catch and prevents mistakes- inconsistent strain/status automatically
  • Captures 100% accurate weights- directly from your scale every time
  • No need to buy a new scale- integrates various makes and models of scales

All data is transferred directly into the Outlink (AWS) Web Console

Cut Harvest Times by 80%! 
$299/month ($1.85 per hour)
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