Desperado Plant Management

The Desperado Handheld Software solution is a portable, battery powered, RFID & Barcode scanner capable of reading RFID plant tags from 15+ feet away. It performs inventory audits of 1000s of plants in minutes, captures plant moves from one location to another seamlessly, and records plant destruction. The Seek-and-Find feature acts like a Geiger counter and utilizes the RFID scanner to physically locate one – or many – RFID tags out of thousands.

  • RFID/Barcode scanner- integrated with Metrc, Dutchie/LeafLogix, and more
  • Inventory flower rooms-  4000+ plants in under 15 minutes
  • Destroy Plants – Set a reason and use RFID barcode to scan plants to be destroyed either in batches or one at a time
  • Move Plants – Choose a room from a dropdown list and scan one or many plants to move them
  • Change Growth Phase – Choose a phase and scan the plant tag to change it
  • Seek and Find – Add plant ID to the “Search List” and use the device’s powerful RFID scanner to locate the missing tag
  • All data fed into the Outlink Web Console
Realize labor savings of up to 75% or more! 
$279/month ($1.75 per hour)
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