Desperado Package Management

The Desperado Handheld is a portable, battery powered, RFID & Barcode scanner capable of reading RFID package tags from 15+ feet away. Desperado performs inventory audits of 1000s of packages in minutes.

It seamlessly moves packages from one location to another, splits or merges existing packages into new packages, and adjusts the quantities.

The Seek-and-Find feature acts like a Geiger counter and utilizes the powerful RFID scanner to physically locate one – or many – RFID tags out of thousands.

  • RFID/Barcode scanner integrated with Metrc, Dutchie/LeafLogix, and more
  • Inventory Vault and Processing rooms
  • Package Merge – Scan a new package tag and add existing packages
  • Package Split – Scan an existing package tag first and then add new packages to it
  • Move Packages – Choose a room from a dropdown list and scan one or many packages to move them
  • Seek and Find – Add package ID to the “Search List” and use the device’s powerful RFID scanner to locate the missing tag
  • Package Lookup – Quickly pull package data directly from your compliance system using only the tag suffix
Realize labor savings of up to 50%! @$279/month
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