Maverick Dispensary System

Outlaw’s Maverick Dispensary System speeds up your dispensary inventory audits.  From “count” mode that leverages your existing  package/POS ID to full serialization via QR and QR/RFID technology. Maverick counts individual products at blazing speed and automatically compares against your POS such as LeafLogix/Greenbits as well as your State Compliance data such as Metrc.

With Outlaw’s patent pending Item Tags, each product has a unique ID and – depending on the type of tag you choose – can be tracked by QR code (Silver), QR and RFID (Gold).

  • Count Mode- no additional tagging- simply scan your package/POS ID
  • Reduces Inventory – Labor savings of 65% or more
  • Serialized (Scan) Count- via QR and/or RFID
  • Outlaw Tag link-  Patent Pending Association Process
  • POS Independent – Runs Parallel to your POS System
Maverick Dispensary System
Realize labor savings over 65% or more! 
$289/month ($1.80 per hour)
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