Outlink Web Console

Included with any subscription

The Outlink web console is your central hub for managing any Outlaw system. It creates a mirror image of existing data from systems like METRC, Dutchie, Treez, and more. From this console, you can manage user access, configure system settings, and review all uploaded reports. Password-protected for security, it provides a simple and intuitive interface to view data by room, strain, product category, and more.

Outlink facilitates the setup of your harvest data to OG Harvest, and managers can monitor harvest progress in real-time. Each Outlaw device is linked to your licensee’s API keys and set up on either the Outlaw console (for OG and Desperado solutions) or the Maverick console (for dispensary systems).

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Centralized Data Management on secure AWS platform

  • Bi-Directional API Integration: Connects seamlessly with Metrc, Dutchie, Treez, and more.
  • Real-Time Insights: Monitor performance, generate reports, and manage data from any web browser.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Download data as CSV, manage users, and set permissions with ease.
  • Comprehensive Access: Review all data collected by Outlaw systems and submit updates directly to compliance systems such as METRC.
  • Included with every system subscription.
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