Management Team


The Outlaw team prides itself on being the industry leader in RFID-based data capture solutions with over 40 years of RFID expertise.

Our plug-and-play systems for harvest and plant/package management automate data capture with a direct connection to leading seed-to-sale systems. We eliminate pen and paper, manual data entry, and human error. Harvest times are cut in half and inventories/audits are completed in minutes instead of hours, generating an immediate ROI for cannabis companies.

David Eagleson Sr. – Founder & CEO
  • 20+ years in RFID/Barcode hardware/software supply chain automation
  • Expert in RFID Technology, deployed for Walmart, Boeing, J&J, P&G and others 

Justin Peterson – CTO
  • 7+ years in RFID/Barcode software design and development
  • Developed system for AmerisourceBergen, Surgio-Surgical and others
Hans Dietterich – Head of Sales/Marketing
  • 9+ years in RFID based solutions in Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, & International Resort Venues
  • Former CEO/CMO with extensive international and emerging technology experience.
Brie Oaxaca – Operations/Client Services Mgr.
  • 7+ years in RFID/Barcode-based solutions (design, development, deployment)
  • Managed production & inventory allocation of thousands of RFID-based systems
Tony McCrackin – Sales Support Manager
  • 15+ years Retail Management Expertise (Inventory and Auditing) 
  • Former Sr. Inventory Manager- Vertically integrated cannabis company (MSO). Expert in cultivation, processing and dispensary