Doing More with Less


Next month, it will have been 2 years since Covid-19 started wreaking havoc in so many aspects of our lives. The latest reports suggest that we’ve made it through the worst of it and – with new infections down and the lifting of mandates – life will be back to “normal.”

Ok, but really?

Sure, we may be able to return to a semblance of normalcy, particularly in our social lives, but we all know that the pandemic changed everything…especially the workplace. I bet you can count on one hand the number of local businesses that are not understaffed and looking to hire.

As luck would have it, we launched our automated harvest and plant/package management systems right before the pandemic hit. With these RFID solutions, our cultivation customers were able to operate more efficiently and with fewer personnel than before the pandemic – even at the height of lockdowns and employee absences. Outlaw’s OG Harvest System cut harvest times by 50 to 80% and our Desperado Plant/Package RFID handheld reduced audit times to minutes from hours.

Despite mandates now being lifted and life supposedly “returning to normal,” the industry faces labor shortages and a downward trend in price per pound of flower nationwide. To remain competitive and thrive, cannabis cultivators have to get more done with fewer resources. Automation is key and Outlaw’s systems are a proven solution used by cultivators across the country.

Reach out to us schedule a demo today. Your employees and your investors will thank you.